Beth Stalker

The Kid in You

Performed by Beth Stalker
Written by Beth Stalker




What else can i say?

I really like the way we play

t makes me feel like I am ten again

And when I'm with you

It doesn't matter what we do

Just as long as I'm with my best friend

The gleam in your eyes, & the grin on your face

The times when you pout, cause you can't get your way

It's all the silly things you do & say

And even when you're 92, I'll always see...

the kid in you

And when i'm feeling down

I'll always have my Charlie Brown.

To make me laugh with a goofy joke or two

I just can't believe

What your love has done to me

Obviously, my love has done the same to you

Maybe we are Peter Pan & Wendy

Holding hands & flying 'cross the sea

When all is said & done

They'll know that we had fun, just dreaming..