Beth Stalker

She's Gonna Shine

performed by Beth Stalker
written by Beth Stalker





Tissues in her pocket

And weepy blood-shot eyes

Her daughter's face in a locket

Reminds her it'll be alright

A Scarlett letter branded like a tattoo

She's moving on There's nothing left to lose

She's gonna run She's gonna fly

And let the hurt remind her she's alive

And even when she's crying inside

She'll hike up her skirt And flash that pretty smile

Cause even in the darkest of times

She's gonna shine

She's got a dream And she's waited all her life

Caught in between What is wrong and what is right

There's fire in those angel eyes

A restless heart. A constant drive

Not going back, what's done is done

Never meant to hurt no one

They don't know what she's been through

So here she stands… She's got nothing to prove