Beth Stalker

Pretty Boy

Performed by Beth Stalker
Written by Beth Stalker




You meet him at the club He's perfection with an attitude

Woos you with his knowledge And quotes from Maya Angelou

Now you're at his place All he wants to do is talk about him.

Yes, I can admit, the guy is Hollywood material

A body like an angel, one could argue he's ethereal

But what is with the manicures, the waxing & the baby soft skin?

You tell me you're in love with a pretty boy....

He stole your heart & made you weak in the knees....

But I could never be with a pretty boy....

Can't date a guy who's more high maintenance than me

You probably think I'm jealous, he's got better hair than I do

And twice as many spa & facial products in his bathroom.

Maybe I am wrong, but this phenomenon, I'll never understand.

And don't you think it's odd, his favorite movie is "Love Actually"?

I swear he wears mascara but he claims they're like that naturally.

Keeps his modeling portfolio and head shots In a pile by the bed

Does he think he's the cute one in a boy band?

God forbid he has some stubble or a farmer's tan.

As for me, I like a rugged, blue collar man

With a 5 o'clock shadow Who is good with his hands