Beth Stalker

Mr. Rock & Roll

Performed by Beth Stalker
Written by Beth Stalker




It's Friday night. She's working a double

He approaches the bar. Guitar in hand

Orders Captain & Coke... Slips her a note

He says "Hey there gorgeous...

I'd love it if you could….

Start a tab for the band"

As they're setting up, he walks by to mingle

Gets another drink... she can't help but smile

Five minutes to Ten... he tunes up, and plugs in

The spotlight's on. And the entire crowd goes....


He's got a "brown eyed girl" in every town

Praying for the day he'll settle down

Another tortured soul.... Infatuation grows…

She can't let him go…. Gotta face the facts…

She's in love... with "Mr. Rock N Roll"

In the ladies room they gossip about him

And they make their way back to the stage

He sings a cover tune... Examines the room

They all join in… It's her favorite song…

"Turn the Page"

They lock eyes, he's making her nervous

So she turns her head.. has to look away

Heart leaps through her chest... she loosens her vest

She can barely breathe

Now he's staring at her...


He'll change a single word, in every verse

So he can say he wrote it, just for her

She knows that she can never really have him

But he belongs to her when they're alone

She can only borrow

Cause he'll be gone tomorrow

And he'll take her heart with him... when he goes..

And her frustration grows

She can't let him go, gotta face the facts

She's in love, she's in love... she's in love